Windows is crap because it can't remember that my external monitor exists.
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People also think Windows is crap because it:
doesn't like ad hoc networking [crap good]
isn't free [crap good]
is made by evil [crap good]
is not compatible with any operating system standards [crap good]
want people to suicide [crap good]
is infected by a world of virus [crap good]
is not linux. [crap good]
is not Linux [crap good]
crashes [crap good]
just smashed [crap good]
makes it impossible to easily and permanently disable all the spyware they bundled into their paid OS. [crap good]
has fucking ads built into the OS, even though you already paid for the fucking OS. [crap good]
has forced updates [crap good]
you are forced to pay for it to be preinstalled on any non-Apple PC you buy. [crap good]
has sacrificed too much to look "pretty" and "streamlined" [crap good]
is unstable. [crap good]
is made by a shitty company. [crap good]
is shit [crap good]
it is boring [crap good]
is just so bad compared to Mac. [crap good]